Top Signs You Should Upgrade Your Lab Equipment

Should You Upgrade Your Lab Equipment?

Because brand new laboratory equipment comes with a sizable price tag, many laboratories try to put off upgrading their devices and machinery for as long as possible. However, there comes a point when utilizing old, outdated equipment can become highly detrimental to the success of one’s laboratory. If you aren’t sure when to call it quits, keep an eye out for these top signs you should upgrade your lab equipment. 

The Equipment Poses Safety Risks

In a laboratory, working with potentially dangerous chemicals and substances is common. In order to do this safely, high-functioning laboratory equipment with the latest safety features is crucial. If your laboratory equipment is significantly outdated or experiences frequent malfunctions, you could be putting laboratory personnel at risk of harmful exposure to toxic substances. As such, you should consider investing in an upgraded model.

Inaccuracies Results Are Common

In pretty much any laboratory, obtaining consistent, accurate results is extremely important. Even miniscule variations in results can completely throw off an experiment or test. If you notice that your equipment isn’t outputting accurate results, you’re due for an upgrade.

The Equipment Requires Frequent Recalibration

Another one of the top signs you should upgrade your lab equipment is if it requires frequent recalibration. In addition to being time consuming and causing downtime, the consistent need for recalibration can cost a laboratory a substantial amount of money over time. However, if a piece of equipment isn’t recalibrated, you may experience inaccurate test or experiment results. To save time and enhance the accuracy of your laboratory’s practices, upgrading your equipment is the most advantageous option.

High Energy Bills

Newer laboratory equipment often operates more efficiently than older, more outdated models. If you notice your laboratory’s energy bills are through the roof, that might be a sign you should invest in more efficient equipment. While new equipment may have a high up-front cost, you coils end up saving a substantial amount of money overtime by stocking your lab with highly efficient devices and machinery.

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