The Importance of Research Laboratory Maintenance


Laboratory Maintenance: Care & Maintenance of Lab Equipment

Research scientists often operate under tight time constraints and manage many different tasks in any given day. Regardless of their busy schedules, it’s important for them to find time for laboratory maintenance. Cleaning, calibrating, and refurbishing equipment is essential to the success of any lab. To better understand the importance of research laboratory maintenance, continue reading.

Enhances accuracy

When equipment isn’t calibrated correctly, inaccurate data often ensues. Skewed data has the potential to disrupt entire experiments. To prevent inaccurate data from ruining countless hours of work and costing labs a considerable amount of money, it’s important to practice proper lab maintenance by regularly calibrating equipment.

Prevents cross-contamination

Another reason why research laboratory maintenance is so important is because it prevents cross-contamination. Cross-contamination can render lab samples useless and skew experiment results—that’s a whole lot of time and money down the drain. Fortunately, simple maintenance practices such as regularly wiping down surfaces, cleaning containers, and organizing workrooms can effectively reduce the potential for cross-contamination.

Extends the lifespan of equipment

Laboratory equipment often comes with a hefty price tag. To ensure your investment pays off, maintain it properly so that it lasts as long as possible. An easy way to increase the lifespan of your equipment is to clean it on a regular basis. Simply wiping it down daily and periodically deep-cleaning it will keep it in top shape.

In addition to cleaning your equipment, other maintenance practices such as refurbishing or promptly repairing any damage can also extend its lifespan and prevent the need for costly repurchases.

Reduces downtime

As we previously stated, equipment in a poorly maintained research laboratory equipment typically doesn’t last as long as it could. A shorter equipment lifespan won’t just cost your laboratory a considerable amount of money in replacements—it also increases laboratory downtime. When equipment breaks down or malfunctions, laboratory operations must halt until it can be repaired or replaced. With proper maintenance of research laboratory equipment, such downtime decreases.

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